Luxury Apple Candle Stand 42cm


This Luxury Apple Candle Stand is luxuriously packed full of apples, berries, and pinecones. The vibrant colours of richly realistic red apples in different sizes are combined with Hawberry sprays in bright shiny shades of Christmas red. It is also bursting with cluster after cluster of berries in tones of red and burgundy. All together it is a complete extravaganza of red apples and berries that evokes the warmth of Christmas.

This item will be Handmade just for you.

This Luxury Apple Candle Stand is definitely a timeless and luxurious way of decorating your home for Christmas.

(Candle Not Included)

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Further Details

These products are for decoration only and not toys.

Type Dimensions Weight
Luxury Apple Candle Stand 42cm 42cm H x 20cm W x 20cm D 0.580kg






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