Gingerbread Kisses Wreath 60cm


This Gingerbread Kisses Swag is luxuriously adorned with so many intriguing items. It is completely filled with the cutest of things. The tone is set using a plaque with the greeting “Gingerbread Kisses”. Then Gingerbread characters are added, surrounded by little fabric bags saying, “Made with Love”. There are lollipops, candy canes, fabric bows and a myriad of artificial berries in shades of red and cream. Cinnamon sticks and natural pinecones have been added to complete.

This item will be Handmade just for you.

The Gingerbread Kisses Wreath is a luxuriously perfect compliment to any festive Kitchen.

This product is designed for indoor use.

Nationwide Delivery

Further Details

These products are for decoration only and not toys.

Type Dimensions Weight
Gingerbread Kisses Wreath 60cm 600cm H x 20cm W x 20cm D 0.920kg






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